N4AI Innovation co., ltd. er en af de kendte producenter, leverandører og eksportører af Auto Gauge Set, med en fabrik i Taiwan. Med mange års erfaring i rækken af ​​lave, er vi kendt for vores fremragende præstation i branchen. Vi har hjulpet os selv som en af de førende mærke i Taiwan. Vi opgraderer løbende vores produkter til at opfylde de internationale standarder. Vi har et team af professionelle, som giver til tiden leverancer med høj quality.Our oprigtighed og hårdt arbejde har hjulpet os med at matche vores kvalitet med internationale standarder.


Our company is an old stem and new branch enterprise, the experience in the automotive industry has been pass down for decades we have devoted innovative technologies to solve social problems as the development goal. Recently, our company is actively developing key technologies related to "wisdom and automation " in order to solve the use problems that cannot be solved by traditional automotive, we are hoping to bring users a more convenient and environmentally life.

At present, the company has formed alliances with well-known companies to work together to propose solutions, hoping to ensure that the innovative technology developed can meet the needs of society from the both key technology and the market.

Our company possesses kinds of technical gauges and display modes, including the Smart Display, LTN, Stepper motor, electrical electronic , electrical and mechanical.
Also, we have various sensors, including the fuel level sensor, temperature sensor, oil pressure sensor, speed sensor, solenoid valve sensor, MAP sensor and AMP sensor.
These products can be applied to all kinds of gasoline-powered or battery electric transportation (heavy motorcycle, sedan, bus and truck, etc. ) as well as the electrical equipment.

Besides, we have customized line and sensor control solutions to the large transportation, including the power line, transmission line and its control module.

Our company owns 100% of technology and capital, and has 100% right to decide on its own technology application.
We have experience in supporting major global automobile manufacturers, and has accumulated many years of practical experience in R&D, manufacturing and quality control.

N4AI Innovation Co., Ltd meets The Quality Standard including SAE, JIS, CNS, DIN, FCC and IEEE etc. and holds the accreditation of EMC/EMI, e24Mark, FMV and DOT. Apart from this, we obtained one after another quality system certifications, including QA70, BSI, ISO9000, ISO/TS16949:2000 and ISO/ TS16949:2009. The IATF16949 accreditation we got in 2019 recognizes the ability to design and construct the manufacturing and inspection equipment of the production line according to individual customer requirement.

Vores oprigtighed og hårdt arbejde har hjulpet os med at matche kvaliteten af ​​vores

Auto Gauge Set

med internationale standarder. Ifølge de forskellige former for fremstilling krav, tilbyder vi perfekte tjenester til dig.